My best friend has a Magic Wand and she won’t shut up about it! I’ve only seen them in porn. I don’t know—they look outdated. I even think I saw one at my grandma’s house once! They seem so bulky and hard to manage. And they also seem really loud! I guess I’m just skeptical. Could something that big and dinosaur-ish really be that great? Surely we’ve come up with better vibrators by now!

Buzz Buzz

Dear Buzz,

I love that you said the Magic Wand looks “dinosaur-ish!” It has a long handle and big, round head because it’s technically a “massager,” and was first marketed to soothe sore muscles. The Magic Wand is beloved for its large head and deep rumbly vibrations. It can stimulate a large surface area, and send those sensations deep into the body. This is great if you’ve got a muscle cramp. (It’s also great if that kind of stimulation brings you to orgasm.) We have a vintage wand on display in our store that is branded “The Workout,” and looks like it belongs in Jane Fonda’s hand! It’s true that the Magic Wand hasn’t had much of an aesthetic update since it was first introduced in 1968, when it became one of the first easily available vibrators. The Magic Wand played a big role in the sexual revolution of the late ’60s and the ’70s by facilitating masturbation and orgasm in the mainstream. It’s an icon!

You’re right that there are lots of newer (and maybe more approachable) sex toys on the market now. (Check out the growing field of teledildonics, which is really bringing us into the space age of sex toys.) Some of the tech in the sex toy industry is truly mind blowing to me! And through it all the Magic Wand remains a favorite for a lot of people!

Most massagers plug into the wall, and this makes them very powerful, reliable, and durable. (All of that power tends to make them a little loud—you’re right about that.) In fact, it’s more power than some people want or need. But for many folks, it’s exactly the right amount of power. Everybody and every body is different. Looking back to 1968, and how hard it was for many people to get their hands on any toys, it’s sort of amazing that we now live in a world where each person can find the sex toy that’s right for them!

For decades, there was only one type of Magic Wand, the style that is now called The Original Magic Wand. It has a six-foot cord, a vinyl head and just two speeds: low and high. (At the Tool Shed we call them “oh my god,” and “oh my fucking god.”) There are two other Magic Wands on the market now as well. The Magic Wand Plus has four speeds, a silicone head (easier to keep clean), and a six-foot cord. But that cord detaches from the wand for easier storage. There’s also the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Like the Plus, it has a silicone head and four speeds, and it has added pulse vibrations as well. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is one of the few toys on the market that can be used while it’s charging, which makes it very versatile!

Massagers and wands are so popular that a lot of other companies make them now, too. You can find wands that are bigger, smaller, more powerful, or less powerful, depending on what will work best for you.

For folks who love the power of the wand but want to have a variety of ways to stimulate their bodies, there are wand caps available. You can find a cap for g-spot stimulation, for more direct clitoral stimulation, or to stroke a penis. These are a great way to customize a wand for your very specific needs.

Given the size, shape, weight, and power of most wands, we know they are not for everyone. But they are pretty magic for a lot of people.

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