Because it’s Milwaukee Day and we love you (and because, frankly, we need money), we’ll be hosting a “14-Hour Socially Distant Telethon” on Facebook Live today where we’ll be seeking donations and encouraging you to support other area businesses as well. In exchange for your donations to our campaign, we’ll be offering the following incentives: a Milwaukee Record sticker bundle ($15), a Milwaukee Record shirt + stickers ($50), 2 tickets to our August 28 “Milwaukee Day Make Up” concert at Company Brewing ($100), a party for you and 10 friends at Milwaukee Record headquarters ($500), and 6 months of Lower Rectangle ads on Milwaukee Record ($1,500).

Back to the Telethon though, here’s what you can expect from today’s long, locally-minded event. Of course, since this is a multi-faceted live affair, things are bound to change at least a little throughout the day. That said, here are some things we have lined up.

Milwaukee Day video messages from notable Milwaukeeans

Milwaukee Facts

Milwaukee Food Show

The Disclaimer

Quarantine Comedy Show

Trivia (and juggling tutorial)

Viral Video Show

Milwaukee Sports Show

Virtual Street Festival

Milwaukee Draft

“I Call My Ex-Girlfriend From The ’90s So She Can Poke Holes In My Story About The Time We Saw Jon Bon Jovi Take Part In An Awkward Q&A

LiveSCREAM Theater

Art Demonstration

My First Band Podcast

The Video Dump

Let’s Talk About Corey Feldman

A Power Hour

…and much more!

Once again, watch throughout the day on Facebook Live. It’s going to be weird and (hopefully) very fun. Enjoy!