On Tuesday, August 13, the Mitchell Park Domes Task Force will meet for the final time. The Task Force will consider a 160-page business plan and conceptual design that “re-envisions Mitchell Park and the Domes for the next 50 years.” In short, the plan “proposes to cover the cost of repairing the three domes using private funds, grants, and county bonding, activating the entirety of Mitchell Park by adding several amenities, expanding on programing, and partnering with institutions like the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Area Technical College.” Knocking the things down or combining them with the Milwaukee Public Museum is not on the table.

Wanna read that 160-page business plan? HERE IT IS. We’re about to walk out the door for the day, so we haven’t had time to take it all in. It looks…promising? We’ll dig in later tonight.

Per a press release, “any recommendations from the Task Force would next come before the County Board Committee on Parks, Energy and the Environment, and then proceed to the full Board for consideration.” Per us, long live The Domes.

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