Remember last year when some goof tweeted that “nobody goes to libraries anymore,” and that all public libraries should be closed? Remember when the internet put him on blast, pointing out that, hey, everyone—especially millennials—loves public libraries? Yep, public libraries are awesome. But are they as awesome as they were in 1984? A recently unearthed Milwaukee Public Library commercial from that year will allow you to decide.

Part of MPL’s “The Answer Place” campaign, the 30-second spot has enough ’80s signifiers to make the Duffer Brothers blush: a peppy synth score, some kid fixing a BMX bike, turntables, giant calculators, microfiche readers, and a frickin’ Betamax player (complete with a copy of To Sir With Love, starring Sidney Poitier). Oh, and don’t forget about card catalogs! Card catalogs! Enjoy. [via The TV Madman]