If there’s one thing we all know about actor George Takei, it’s that he played Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek. If there’s one thing we all may not know about George Takei, it’s that he was a former spokesman for Milwaukee Country Transit System. Yep, Sulu loved the bus! Check out this MCTS spot from 1984:

Which brings us to Conan O’Brien. Monday night, during O’Brien’s “First Broadcast From Home,” the comedian recounted his oft-recounted tale of his stint on The Simpsons, and the time he wrote the classic 1993 episode “Marge vs. The Monorail.” It seems that the part of the celebrity monorail enthusiast ultimately played by Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy was originally intended for Takei. But Takei refused the role. According to O’Brien, Takei told producers:

“I can’t do it! I’m on the board of public transportation, so it’s impossible! It’s making fun of mass transportation! You know, there’s no transportation like public transportation.”

Check out the story beginning at the 4:20 mark. Also, this is the part where we usually say “ride the bus.” But this time around, please, DON’T ride the bus.