On May 13, 2014, we celebrated our 100th post with 100 highly specific things to do in the greatest city on Earth: Milwaukee. Now, just over a month later, we’ve arrived at our 200th post, which means it’s time for 100 MORE things to do in Milwaukee! How many have YOU tried?

1. Enjoy a great local band

2. Watch a local sporting event

3. Close a local bar

4. Walk downtown

5. Eat something

6. Ponder the mysteries of an infinite universe with no middle, no circumference, and no beginning

7. Check your tire pressure

8. Box up your old DVDs

9. Get offended on the Internet

10. Send a postcard to a friend

11. Raise on the flop, even if that asshole Phil Hellmuth thinks it’s a bad move

12. Invest in some sensible slacks and/or pumps

13. Chew bubblegum

14. Kick ass

15. Don’t forget your niece’s birthday!

16. When shaking hands with somebody, weird them out by doing that thing where you wiggle your middle finger

17. Finally learn how to play the banjo

18. Where’s that damn staple remover?

19. Meet someone new

20. Go grocery shopping

21. Adopt a pet

22. Beat the first Super Mario Bros. without using any of the warp zones

23. Read a local publication

24. Pick up some local litter

25. Become an organ donor

26. Stretch

27. Ask fun questions in your social media posts in order to engage your audience. (Thank you for attending today’s “What Can Social Media Do For YOUR Brand?” seminar! That’ll be $1,000, please.)

28. Grill out

29. Crack a cold one

30. Dance! Dance! Dance!

31. Prove you’re a ’90s kid by taking this Sandlot quiz

32. In the fall, do that thing where you press a leaf inside a thick book

33. Stay out late with friends

34. Take a cab

35. No, use Uber

36. Scratch that. Lyft.

37. AMA

38. Remember Spuds MacKenzie?

39. Hydrate

40. Disrupt something

41. Shave

42. Hug it out

43. Go nuts with the sunblock

44. Don’t bother packing your stuff, because mom’s going to do it anyway. You’re what the French call “les incompetents.”

45. Become ordained through the first Universal Life Church of Modesto, California

46. Trivia night?

47. Vacuum your car

48. Drop in at your old workplace and see what those clowns are up to

49. Politely inform the grown-ass dipshit riding his bike to get the fuck off the sidewalk

50. If you want to continue down the cave, turn to page 21. If you want to use the time machine to go back to the Middle Ages, turn to page 47.

51. Take a photo of an interesting building

52. Tidy up

53. Rob a bank

54. Make some popcorn and have a fun night in

55. Power walk

56. Grab something quick to eat at the airport

57. Just throw away those old CD-Rs already

58. Patronize a local business

59. Learn how to score a bowling game by hand

60. Make dumb soccer jokes on Twitter and giggle when everyone gets super pissed

61. Try to figure out if Dick Van Dyke was just really bad at doing a Cockney accent in Mary Poppins, or if he was doing it on purpose

62. Enjoy a modern dance recital

63. Tip generously

64. Game night!

65. Explain game rules to friends

66. Never mind, you’ll learn as you go

67. Empty your spam folder

68. Hijack a dopey hashtag

69. Stop it

70. Try to find an original VHS dub of Akira, because that new one they have on DVD is complete garbage

71. Order Chinese

72. Enjoy a drink on a sidewalk patio

73. You gotta be here for the vibe!

74. Take a train

75. Just give me some kind of sign, girl

76. Eat your own weight in Kit Kats

77. Origami

78. Learn sign language

79. Shop at a local mall

80. Volunteer at a local church

81. Hit a bigfoot with your car and take it home to live with you, like in Harry And The Hendersons

82. Exfoliate

83. Try to get your friends into Rock Band again, because you must have spent $500 on all that shit

84. Bake something

85. Invent software that blocks any Facebook post that begins with “Last night I had a dream…” Become a billionaire.

86. Floss

87. Reupholster a couch

88. Don’t forget to tune in to American Ninja Warrior, Mondays at 9/8 CT on NBC

89. Whatever you do, don’t…fall…asleep

90. Donate to charity

91. Ride one of those bicycle bars, I guess

92. Stay cool

93. Buy a new mattress

94. Eat at a local deli

95. Give the cat some wet food

96. Change a light bulb

97. Say it loud, say it clear, you can listen as well as you hear

98. Get lucky

99. Bowling!

100. When discussing Milwaukee history with friends or coworkers, be sure to get permission from John Gurda. If you don’t, he’ll break into your apartment in the middle of the night and bust your goddamn kneecaps.