With our “Business To Business” series, we’re offering business owners in and around Milwaukee a platform to acknowledge other local establishments and area entrepreneurs they appreciate. This week: Lindsay Stayton Photography owner and namesake Lindsay Stayton praises Melnick & Melnick, S.C. Here’s what Lindsay has to say…

I find myself using the term “Smallwaukee” on the daily. When I explain the definition to folks who reside outside our corner of Wisconsin, it fills me with a sense of pride, not to mention inducing an audible giggle. Most of us know the term, but for those who don’t, Smallwaukee is Milwaukee’s version of six degrees of separation. You will inevitably run into someone you know, or someone that knows someone you know. Basically, Milwaukee is a big city, with a small town feel.

When I think of Smallwaukee, there is a business that has me speaking the uniquely Milwaukee term: the law office of Melnick & Melnick.

Stephanie Melnick has tailored her team to support women-owned Milwaukee businesses. Not only has Stephanie encouraged and shaped how women-owned businesses operate, she has created a welcoming and community-driven space by creating She Stands Tall, a monthly speaker series that highlights local women-owned businesses who share their unique stories and inspire others to continue their dreams. I have attended many of these events and always walk away with new connections, and am inspired to continue growing my own business.

While I attended the She Stands Tall with Lalese Stamps, the owner of Lolly Lolly Ceramics, she mentioned that during the early stages of your small business, you will lean toward saying yes to every opportunity. When your business continues to grow, your focus changes to what serves your business and your goals the most. When you stay true to that, you will find the right path.

Additionally, Katie Daly, the owner of Big White Yeti Candle Company, encouraged business owners to make their business fun and strive to laugh every day, one of the many reasons she makes a candle called Kitten Toots.

Stephanie’s most recent venture is spearheading Women Entrepreneurship Week. The event series creates a space for all women-owned businesses to inspire and learn from one another. The event takes place the first full week of May and will feature a variety of women-owned small businesses and discussion topics. “WEWmke’s mission is to bring together Milwaukee area women—entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, professionals, and more—for a week of events designed to inspire, educate, and celebrate our businesses, ourselves, and our contributions to the Milwaukee community.”

I am inspired by Stephanie’s tenacity and dedication to the movers and shakers in our Smallwaukee community.

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