Ever have one of those Mondays where a bunch of good Milwaukee shows are announced at once? Of course you have, because today is one of those Mondays. Penn & Teller! OK Go! Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington! Fun! Here’s the info.

Penn & Teller
Friday, September 6 @ Riverside Theater
Forget for a moment Penn & Teller, outspoken Libertarians and skeptics. Forget for a moment Penn & Teller, reality show staples. Forget for a moment Penn & Teller, creators of the brilliant/insufferable Bullshit! Instead, focus on Penn & Teller, entertainers and magicians. For more than 40 years, the self-described “Bad Boys of Magic” have continually transformed their sometimes disreputable and corny profession into high art—all the while keeping things funny and delightfully morbid. Their long-running Las Vegas live show is a mind-bending Russian nesting doll of lies and deception, and a perfect example of why the duo are still vital to this day: they’re really fucking good at what they do.

Saturday, April 27 @ Pabst Theater
Forget for a moment OK Go, makers of elaborate and wacky videos that clog up your Facebook feed every six months or so. Instead, focus on…well, let’s be honest, OK Go is only really known for their videos. And that’s fine! Accordingly, this show is part of the band’s Live Video Tour, which features…well, we’ll let them explain:

As you might expect from the pioneering band who danced on treadmills and in zero gravity, this show is unlike any you’ve seen before: it’s a film screening and a rock concert rolled into one. The band will perform their songs live and in sync with 20 of their iconic videos, pausing for question/answer sessions with the crowd and special performances. See them perform on handbells, and join in the high-tech interactive piece performed by the audience. Like the band, the show defies categorization, but bring your family and expect dancing, joy and wonder.

On Cinema At The Cinema
April 19 @ Turner Hall Ballroom
Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington bring their Adult Swim web series On Cinema At The Cinema to Turner Hall. Five bags of popcorn.

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