The second annual Bandsketball tournament has waged since the beginning of July. What started with 32 Milwaukee bands, rap collectives, or solo artists who found friends to play on their team has reduced to just two teams who will vie for the Bandsketball trophy and bragging rights throughout local music. We kept you up to date until eight teams were left (well nine, as Airo Kwil had yet to beat Greatest Lakes in the last semi-final make up game), and here’s how the field reduced from eight to just two.


New Age Narcissism vs. Cherryball —  New Age Narcissism
Cavewives vs. D’Amato — D’Amato
Bo Triplex vs. SAFS Crew —  SAFS Crew
Natural Facts vs. Airo Kwil —  Airo Kwil


SAFS Crew vs. D’Amato —  SAFS Crew
New Age Narcissism vs. Airo Kwil — Airo Kwil

There you have it. Will Rose (pictured above) and his Airo Kwil backing band members will head to the courts at Fratney and Center streets to take on SAFS Crew, the defending champs from the inaugural Bandsketball tournament. Date and time are TBA.

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