Milwaukee (February 12, 2024) – Good Karma Brands (GKB) and 620 WTMJ are proud to announce a new lineup for the station beginning February 19, 2024 that will air on 620 WTMJ, 103.3 FM, 94.5 HD2, 620 WTMJ YouTube, and the WTMJ App. This lineup will feature five new shows that will further WTMJ’s mission to truly be Wisconsin’s Radio Station, serving the community as a trusted and relevant source of information. The shows are all committed to covering the news that affects Wisconsinites with individual shows focusing on business, politics, agriculture, and even a show dedicated to scouring the state to find the most interesting stories of the day.

Kristin Brey (As Goes Wisconsin), Julia Fello (formerly TMJ4), Pam Jahnke (The Fabulous Farm Babe), Jeff Sherman (formerly OnMilwaukee), and Jessica Tighe (formerly CBS58) highlight an infusion of established Wisconsin personalities who have already built trusted relationships across different platforms. This group will join WTMJ’s beloved team of Eric Bilstad, Greg Matzek, Sandy Maxx, John Mercure, Steve Scaffidi, and Vince Vitrano.

“As a Wisconsin-based media company, we are excited to further our commitment to providing best-in-class news content that unites the state and strengthens the communities we call home. With this new lineup, one thing we wanted to emphasize is a shift in who we hear on the station and how our content can be consumed. Our fans will hear from hosts with new, diverse perspectives and experiences with shows and stories distributed across all mediums to reach fans where they are. We remain dedicated to continuing 620 WTMJ’s storied legacy, delivering purposeful news and telling the stories that matter to you throughout Wisconsin. Our new shows and voices will give us more of an opportunity to relate and be relevant to anyone who tunes in, while staying committed to the mission of being Wisconsin’s News Radio,” said Good Karma Brands Milwaukee Market Manager Greg Scalzo.

“Over the last year, we have meticulously worked to build the next generation of 620 WTMJ as Wisconsin’s Radio Station. We will bring not only more news, but specific shows and voices throughout the day to keep Wisconsin informed and entertained. We are the intersection of newsmakers and the community, and we appreciate that responsibility. We’re not interested in simply reporting the news; we expect to continue to be a trusted companion in the lives of our fans – offering insights, perspectives, and voices they can rely on,” said WTMJ content leader Michael Spaulding.

Sneak Peek into WTMJ New Lineup and Hosts:

Hosted by Pam Jahnke, the Fabulous Farm Babe, who is the go-to source for agribusiness news across Wisconsin. Having grown up on a 200-acre dairy farm, Pam has been immersed in agriculture her entire life. From 5A-6A, she will illuminate every aspect of agriculture, dive deep into the stories impacting Wisconsin’s agriculture and farmers and connect fans across the State of Wisconsin.

Hosted by Vince Vitrano and Erik Bilstad, Wisconsin’s Morning News is the spot for accurate, reliable, and relevant information on the local, national, and international level. Vince and Erik are veterans in the news world, both with decades of experience. Together they combine humor and insights to provide you the news you need to know to start your day.

Hosted by Steve Scaffidi, the former Mayor of Oak Creek, Political Power Hour is for the polically curious and political junkies. During this hour, Steve provides a holistic view of Wisconsin’s political landscape by interviewing politicians, journalists, and those in the know. In addition to Political Power Hour, Steve will also be the leading voice in growing WTMJ’s election and political coverage on air, through podcasts and other digital content.

Hosted by Jeff Sherman, The Upswing will provide fans with the news, stories, and conversations they want to hear about Wisconsin business, the local economy, and how it affects them. Jeff is a prominent figure in the Wisconsin business community, as the former CEO and founder of OnMilwaukee, creator of the podcast series “The Hopcast,” and current CMO of Okanjo. Jeff brings his expertise and passion for his hometown to The Upswing to discuss the ever-changing world of business and commerce in Milwaukee and across the state of Wisconsin.

Hosted by Greg Matzek and Jessica Tighe, Wisconsin’s Midday News is Wisconsin’s touchpoint throughout the day for reliable, accurate, and relevant news stories. Greg Matzek is a familiar voice on WTMJ, as he was the previous co-host of Wisconsin’s Afternoon News. Jessica Tighe, a Wisconsin native and Milwaukee resident, joins WTMJ from CBS58 where she was a morning news anchor. Together they will cover the top stories of the day, provide updates on developing stories, and analyze the stories that
mater most.

Hosted by Kristin Brey, who is the founder of As Goes Wisconsin and an accomplished digital content creator. Kristin is skilled at taking the complex and making it digestible. From 1P-3P, she will take you behind the headlines of the day’s biggest stories from across the state. Fans will hear firsthand stories told by reporters and newsmakers who live in communities across all corners of Wisconsin featuring the most accurate and relevant information in the state.

Wisconsin Afternoon News is hosted by current host John Mercure and new host Julia Fello, who was a lead reporter for TMJ4. Julia has been working in newsrooms since 2008 and has covered a variety of stories including the union protests at the Capitol and the controversial Budget Repair Bill. From 3p-6p, John and Julia will dive deeper into the biggest stories of the day to provide fans with a holistic understanding of what is happening in their communities.

Hosted by Sandy Maxx, What’s on Tap is an hour-long show dedicated to culture, creators, and the arts both locally and across the state. Sandy Maxx takes fans behind the scenes of hidden gems and renowned locaons to provide a deeper understanding of what makes Wisconsin special. This immersive show will take you there, whether it’s a concert, play, or museum.

Hosted by Brian Noonan, WTMJ at Night brings you the headlines of the day, as well as entertaining anecdotes throughout the show. Bringing you the best content from throughout the day’s lineup and building on the stories that mater most to Wisconsinites, Brian Noonan makes WTMJ at Night a great way to unwind and stay informed of things that are impacting our communities.

About Wisconsin’s News Radio 620 WTMJ
For nearly 100 years, 620 WTMJ has operated as Wisconsin’s Radio Station, connecting communities across the state while sharing trusted, timely, and accurate information through compelling stories. Evolving into a multi-media news platform, WTMJ leads with curiosity, mindfully engages the community, and shares what matters most within and around Wisconsin. Beyond AM 620 WTMJ, you can hear, read, and watch WTMJ on your smart speaker, 103.3 FM, 94.5 HD2, 620 WTMJ YouTube,, and the WTMJ App. Follow WTMJ @620WTMJ on Facebook, X, Instagram, Threads, and TikTok. For more information, please visit

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