There’s no shortage of new shit headed Milwaukee’s way. It seems as if a new multi-use apartment complex is announced every month, and just as many craft breweries are popping up as well. The populace is embroiled in heated debates about the forthcoming streetcar, public art projects, and the partially completed Bucks arena—at least when we aren’t pondering whether the city’s East Side is dying or merely changing. Meanwhile, local dining and music have never been better, yet the city is still dealing with rampant segregation and is struggling to retain young residents. With Milwaukee trying to preserve its past, tend to the present, and plan for the future, it can be hard to keep up.

In an effort to get up to date on all the new shit that’s happening in town and learn more about the impact those changes could have on residents, host Tyler Maas invited Dan Shafer to Milwaukee Record headquarters to run through a variety of topics. Just days before he was set to leave the city to take a position with Seattle Business Magazine, the accomplished former Milwaukee Business Journal reporter and Milwaukee Magazine digital editor didn’t hold back with his thoughts about exactly what’s going on here, his opinion on certain hot-button local issues, and ways he feels Milwaukee can be better. Oh, and true to his two previous podcast appearances, Shafer also talked about the upcoming Milwaukee Bucks season.

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