After yet another long, fun, and exhausting summer of entertainment in Milwaukee, fall has come. Historically, autumn’s arrival has been a time in which things slow down in the city, as residents retreat inside and prepare from another harsh and uneventful winter. However, recent years have brought an uptick in post-summer events, including new festivals like Beet Street, Abby Jeanne’s Cosmic Weekend, and Fuel Cafe’s Doomsday event. That’s not even counting the countless concerts, comedy shows, film screenings, and random one-off events taking place between now and late December.

To help find the best, weirdest, and most interesting events taking place in Milwaukee this fall, host Tyler Maas enlisted the expertise of Milwaukee Magazine and Shepherd Express music writer Kevin Mueller. From his dining room, Mueller and Maas ran through some standout shows, talked about the handful of autumn festivals happening in the city, weighed the appeal of Napoleon Dynamite and Jake “The Snake” Roberts live shows, and talked about the odd pairing of punk rock and craft beer at Burnhearts’ annual Punk House Kegger.

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