It’s not unusual for people to turn to music to help cope with tragedy, sadness, and conflict. At times, that reliance of music’s comforting capabilities extends to those writing the songs. Last November, Dream Vacation—which features members of Soup Moat and Rock ‘N’ Roller Remote Controller—went to the Tannery in Bay View to record six songs with source material rooted in personal trauma, mental illness, and violence.

The band’s debut EP, Exude Sorry, unloads the inner turmoil of singer-guitarist (and Shrekfest co-founder) Taylor Campbell. In two- or three-minute servings, the driving, grunge-y songs reference attempts to process domestic violence (“October Gold”), understand a schizophrenic’s inability to manage the illness (“Empty Head”), and endure “the great sadness” (“Waterslides”). Campbell’s broken, clawing vocals prove to be a fitting vehicle for the chaotic and cathartic emotional excursion to existence’s unsavory elements.

Before Exude Sorry is released on cassette in March, stream it in its entirety, only on Milwaukee Record.

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