A few days ago, in a Mandatory Milwaukee column we wrote about “making the most of spring,” we referenced the newfound excitement and optimism of being able to once again see concert announcements and lineup reveals for festivals happening later in year. Admittedly, the music lineup at Elkhorn Ribfest—an event scheduled to happen July 15-18 that’s haphazardly claiming this year’s edition will be “Bigger Than Ever!”—wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we wrote that, but we have to say were thrilled to see the event’s promo video when it was brought to our attention.

No, it’s not because we plan to attend. And (no offense intended to the likes of 7th Heaven, Too Hype Crew, Bella Cain, and Cherry Pie) the music lineup isn’t exactly inspiring us to head down to Elkhorn. The reason we’re glad to see this event announcement rests solely on the meat-influenced parody of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” used in the promo video.

We could spend a bunch of time listing some of our favorite lyrics in this slow-cooked, dry-rubbed masterpiece, but why bother? Just listen to “Rib Fest Baby” below.

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