If there’s a band with Milwaukee ties whose catalog is better tailored to Valentine’s Day than Eric & Magill‘s is, we haven’t heard them. Ever since former Camden bandmates Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber started the (then) cross-continental (and currently cross-country) project in 2010, the duo has released delicate, dreamy, and heartfelt material with regularity. Last year’s Peach Colored Oranges is the fourth Eric & Magill record—not even counting cover EPs—and much like its predecessors, it’s permeated by light, airy instrumentation and luxuriant harmonies that could melt even the coldest heart.

Fittingly, the video for the latest record’s new single is sexy as hell. The video for “A Softer Sound” is a simple-but-effective visual representation for the smooth, ivory-tickling, and all-around fantastic song. Basically, it’s just a bunch of people making out. Directed by “Mr. Duck,” the video captures couples sharing personal moments in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada. With a score reminiscent of a first kiss and a video to match, “A Softer Sound” only solidifies Eric & Magill’s reputation as one of the most romantic bands to ever come out of Milwaukee.

Spend 2:33 in heaven and watch the makeout-heavy video for “A Softer Sound” below.

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