Though it’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas in any capacity, it’s at the very least starting to feel like it. Temperatures have finally started to dip to normal December levels, the Chicago Bears are decidedly out of the postseason picture, and local musicians are steadily releasing this year’s batch of new holiday originals. Before heading up WMSE’s annual Holiday Local/Live show at Club Garibaldi on December 12, Space Raft wanted to give listeners a preview of what they can expect at that event by releasing a homespun music video for the band’s new seasonal single, “Another Holiday Is Here.”

Following an (arguably too long) inter-band discussion about Mrs. Doubtfire and a missing phone, the Space Raft guys are joined in the basement—the site of another Space Raft video—by none other than Santa Claus. The big guy, played by two members of The Mistreaters, bestows gifts on the boys and serves up holiday cheer in canned and bottled forms. The merry motif of the video that was primarily shot and edited by the band’s members seems to suit the tone of the joyous holiday hymn, which can already be considered one of the highlights in Milwaukee’s ever-growing Christmastime catalog.

Space Raft will headline WMSE’S Holiday Local/Live at Club Garibaldi on Tuesday, December 12. Testa Rosa, Marielle Allschwang, and Joe Crockett will also take part in the free 21+ concert event and live broadcast. The segment begins at 6 p.m. and last until 7 p.m.

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