It’s Labor Day, and, like you (hopefully), we’re taking the day off. We’re solemnly honoring the progress and sacrifices of the American labor movement, of course, but we’re also shedding a tear for the end of summer. Yeah, summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, but there’s something about the whole Labor Day/back-to-school thing that always feels like the end to the summer season. Plus, it’s getting kind of chilly at night.

But cry not, summer lovers, because we’ve put together a nifty 23-track Milwaukee playlist stocked with delectable end-of-summer vibes. You’ll find songs both old (Testa Rosa’s tropical “Castaway”) and new (the latest from WebsterX), chill (Ravi/Lola’s “Piledheads At A Pool Party”) and not-so-chill (Kaylee Crossfire’s incredible “Damn Daddy”). Kick back, turn it up, raise one for the American worker, and enjoy.