If you’re anything like us, you eat, sleep, and breathe Milwaukee. Because of that, you’ve probably experienced occasional Being John Malkovich moments where every word in your head suddenly becomes “Milwaukee.” You know: Milwaukee. Milwaukee Milwaukee. Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee! Hey Milwaukee! Think fast!

So wouldn’t it be nice if those moments were set to music? And not just any music, but the hottest music of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today? Yes, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with Now That’s What I Call Milwaukee!, a 2013 mixtape of hit songs by everyone from the Beatles and Black Sabbath to Weezer and Maroon 5, expect every word has been changed to “Milwaukee.”

Listen to each track HERE, or the whole thing in podcast form below (songs start at the two-minute mark):

There’s Oasis’ “Wonderwall” (“Milwaukee Milwaukee / Milwaukee Milwaukee”), Green Day’s “Welcome To Paradise” (“Milwaukee Milwaukee / Milwaukee Milwaukee”), Fastball’s “The Way” (“Milwaukee Milwaukee / Milwaukee Milwaukee”), and Blur’s “Song 2” (“Milwaukee!”). Plus, tracks from AFI, 311, Nirvana, Alien Ant Farm, and more. All featuring one word: “Milwaukee.”

This beautiful and damned creation is the handiwork of Austin-based artist/writer Sean Joseph Patrick Carney. In 2013, Carney staged a solo exhibition at Milwaukee’s Bahamas Biennale gallery (now located in Detroit) called “Algonquin For The Good Land.” Now That’s What I Call Milwaukee! accompanied that exhibition. Last fall, Carney resurrected the Milwaukee mixtape for his Humor And The Abject podcast. A few days ago, someone on Instagram tagged us on this thing and we totally remembered it and laughed.


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