Nearly two months after its release, NO/NO‘s gorgeous Sound And Light continues to surprise. It’s an album with surface pleasures aplenty—a glitter-and-gloom dream-pop vibe, insistent synth riffs, endless guitar and vocal hooks, the jaw-dropping “Whatever”—but dig deeper and you’ll find subtler signs of brilliance. Listen how Harrison Colby and Cat Ries combine their voices to form a mysterious and androgynous third singer. Keep your ears perked for lyrics that linger long after they fade into the din (“I had too many drinks / I can’t remember how much”). Marvel at how a band so reliant on all things synthesized can sound so organic. Sound And Light is the rare shower and grower.

Ditto for the video for Sound And Light standout “Television,” premiering today on Milwaukee Record. At first glance it’s a simple performance video, albeit one featuring a serious workout and gymnastics regime from actor Kellen Milad.


But there’s more on director Ryan Thomas Reeve’s mind than simply breaking a sweat. Notice how the heavy throb of the music perfectly matches the visuals. Dig the way the neon-drenched backgrounds seem to place the band in an abstract 1980s gym. Realize that—a-ha!—those same purple and blue backgrounds are lifted straight from the Sound And Light album cover. Enjoy the funky split-screen action.


In other words, watch it below.

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