If there’s one theme running through The Midwestern Charm’s thoroughly enjoyable 2014 album Growing Pains, it’s the difficulties in grappling with the humdrum realities and low-level indignities of adulthood. Nowhere is that more clear than on “General Drag,” one of the album’s bounciest, catchiest tracks. And in case that theme wasn’t clear enough, The Midwestern Charm have just released a video for “General Drag,” which combines the foibles of dating and the foibles of working a shitty job and gives them an unlikely twist. It’s a date from hell, but not the kind you’d expect.

Directed by Brandon Domer and written by Midwestern Charm singer-songwriter Connor La Mue, the video illustrates the classic story of boy (Nathan Dengel) meets girl (Rebecca Ottman) at Linneman’s while reading the comics section of the Riverwest Currents, girl slips boy matchbook with her address, boy goes to soul-sucking job and runs errands for his satanic boss, girl gets ready for date, boy picks up shovel and…well, see for yourselves.