Last year, Milwaukee rockers Midnight Reruns truly made their mark in local music with the release of its wonderful sophomore record, Force Of Nurture (which earned the No. 2 slot on our Best Milwaukee Albums Of 2015 list). Since some of Nurture‘s songs were close to two years old by the time the record—in all its delayed recording and label-shopping glory—finally saw the light of day last fall, the Reruns kept busy by writing more than an album’s worth of new material in the months both leading up to and following the album’s release.

The band recently got back from recording that new batch of songs in Rhinelander of all places with Mystery Room Mastering‘s Justin Perkins, but with the familiar mixing process, label search, and inevitable vinyl pressing delays ahead of them, those songs probably won’t be heard outside of a live setting for some time. Fortunately, Wisconsin Public Radio welcomed Midnight Reruns into their studio for the station’s Set List series, where the band—in direct opposition of their name—debuted a new song.

“Warm Days” starts with a melodic crawl before kicking things into high gear around the one-minute mark. True to form, the song culminates with blistering guitar solos, utterly catchy vocals, and a raw energy that serves to signal we’re to expect somehow even better things on the horizon from one of Milwaukee’s best. Watch it below.

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