Music can be an exact science, thoroughly rehearsed and produced, or it can be spontaneous and off-the-cuff. Both approaches have their merits, though the latter often leads to the more unexpected and thrilling results. Take Q The Sun and Milo, two prominent Milwaukee musicians who recently sat down one afternoon and created a new track, “On The Way To Something Else,” entirely on the spot. It’s a quietly impressive creation—jazzy, dreamy, bittersweet—and even more notable for the fact that it represents the first time the two artists had worked together.

“This was our first collaboration, but the process was super pure and in the moment. The result is something new and exciting for both of us,” Q—a.k.a. Kiran Vee—tells Milwaukee Record. “I made the music in an hour and [Milo] wrote his part in 30 minutes and recorded the vocals in one take. It’s a great vibe to transition from fall to winter.”

There’s also a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction hiding in that autumn vibe, courtesy of some typically sharp lyrics from Milo. “It’s nice outside but I’d lower it by 10 degrees,” goes the refrain; later, the rapper touches on one of the many themes explored on his excellent new album, So The Flies Don’t Come: “I’m selling art in Dublin to a young Republican / Who suffers the impression that I’m under him” Lines about R. Crumb and Middle-earth’s Rivendell are also dropped.

“This is the first of many tracks I will be releasing over the next few months collaborating with Milwaukee artists who I’m a fan of, but who aren’t part of NAN,” Q says, “namely Zed Kenzo, IshDARR, Fivy, and some young new artists. I will also be releasing music with all the members of NAN.

“For most of my musical journey so far I’ve working primarily in the live setting,” he continues, “but I’m finally at the point with my production that I’m ready to open up the vault and unleash the sounds I’ve been sitting on and honing and waiting for the right vocalists, hopefully creating some new and interesting sounds for the city.”

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