If you’ve spent any time in or around the Milwaukee music scene, you’ve likely run into Christopher Gilbert. The sharply dressed musician/dancer/choreographer/New Age Narcissism member is hard to miss, both on stage and off. Unfortunately, Gilbert’s livelihood took a hit last week when his car was broken into and his band gear was stolen. A GoFundMe campaign set up by Gilbert to replace his pilfered gear tells the tale:

So on Friday August 25th my car was broken into around 12pm in the afternoon. & all of my band equipment was stolen from me. So I am now in a position where I need some help to continue my musical journey. So if you find it in your heart and spirit to help me out…it would be deeply appreciated! Thanks Christopher G

The GoFundMe is up to $1,800 after only 16 hours, and seems destined to hit its $2,500 goal soon. Chip in, if you can.

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