In addition to being an incredible comedian, an accomplished actor, and a self-proclaimed “passionate bandwagon Bucks fan,” Hannibal Buress also keeps busy by moonlighting as a skilled rapper called Eshu Tune. Perhaps you saw his performance at T-Pain’s inaugural Wiscansin Fest last June. If you didn’t make that show (or you were there and want to see the project again), we have some good news for you…provided you don’t already have other plans tonight.

Following a comedy show at UWM on Thursday, the multi-talented Buress announced a last-minute show at No Studios on Friday, April 28. The show will feature Buress doing an Eshu Tune set and a comedy set. Special musical guests will be Ron Lamont and Protege. Simba The Comic will flesh out the comedy portion of the evening.

Buress alerted folks to the pop-up performance by way of a Friday morning tweet that also included a too-soon reference to Wednesday’s crushing Bucks collapse.

Advance tickets to this 8 p.m. show are $35 and they’re available now. If you’re not already planning to see the shirtless sax guy from The Lost Boys at Promises tonight, grab a ticket and head over to No Studios.

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