Much has changed since we first introduced you to the “apocalyptic western” stylings of Saebra & Carlyle in January of 2018. After officially starting out in late 2017, the duo consisting of longtime friends and project namesakes—singer Saebra Laken and guitarist Carlyle Nowak—became a full-fledged band with the addition of King Eye & The Squirts drummer Jesse Buskov and Fox Face bassist Mary Joy. This year alone, the twosome-turned-quartet released a split 7-inch with Abby Jeanne, just put out a split 12-inch EP with King Eye, and played a ton of shows (including a steady diet of local festivals).

As of today, Saebra & Carlyle now has a music video and it’s a doozy. The Brian Klewin-directed “Rabbit Hole” video starts with a blood-covered Laken waking up to a starting discovery, which sends the singer scrambling through an aged mansion in a frenzy that’s captured in one continuous shot. Laken says Klewin approached her with the unique and ambitious concept for the video that he hopes will qualify for them for the Milwaukee Film Festival’s music video show.

“The idea intrigued me but also scared the shit out of me,” Laken says. “We choreographed and shot it in a span of 24 hours and ended up using the very last take of the day right before the sun set. It was pure magic.”

Magic, indeed. You can see Saebra & Carlyle play live and at full speed tonight at Cactus Club in support of A Giant Dog, Rexxx and Platinum Boys. The band will also perform at next week’s Center Street Daze Festival and will take part in Crafty Cow’s second annual Fat Fest on August 17.

Rabbit Hole from ghostFire Ent. on Vimeo.

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