Throughout 2017, we gave you a few samples of Land By The Lake II, the second compilation that producer and engineer DSCRIBE curated to help “create a snapshot of Milwaukee’s potent hip-hop scene.” The ambitious early 2018 release boasted the combined efforts of 30 musicians who collaborated on a total of 20 tracks. Close to 18 months later, DSCRIBE is almost ready to release a third installment of the compilation and celebrate the city’s flourishing hip-hop scene at this weekend’s Land By The Lakefest festivities.

This time around, DSCRIBE—the executive producer and recording engineer for the Land By The Lake series—has rounded up over 30 vocalists and producers to contribute to Land By The Lake Volume 3. Prior to Saturday’s “Lakefest” that he’s throwing at Cactus Club along with the fine folks at Breaking & Entering and before the comp’s June 7 release, DSCRIBE wanted to give listeners a taste of what’s to come by putting out a single from the forthcoming record.

“Growing Pains” features harsh memories and difficult personal accounts from the likes Armstrong Ransom, AG Da Gift, and LR. DJ Payday is responsible for singing the hook and Maleek Patterson plays guitar. Get ready for the forthcoming festival and compilation by streaming the song below.

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