Last month, we introduced you to Diamond Life—an Italo Disco-inspired endeavor featuring Bonnie Drinkard of Detroit country-folk outfit The Drinkard Sisters and Milwaukee producer Martin Defatte, who makes up one half of Guerrilla Ghost and releases solo material under his Tron Jovi moniker—when we posted the music video for the project’s excellent debut single, “I Can’t Believe It.”

In the weeks since that memorable introduction, the unlikely pairing played its first show at X-Ray Arcade in support of Ian Sweet, made its live radio debut on WMSE, birthed a second single (in the form of the super catchy “Back 2 U”), and geared up for the release of its first album. On Friday, May 24, Diamond Life will cast said album, Neon Dreams, into the world. Before that debut record—which will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Defatte’s Triple Eye Industries label—is released to the general public, the duo was kind enough to let your pals at Milwaukee Record have the first crack at playing the whole shebang for you.

Fittingly, the eight-song release kicks off in impressive fashion with those two aforementioned singles. Tone emphatically established, the album then opens up to let listeners partake in the electro-tinged “Matador,” the moody “Shut The Door” and the atmospheric likes of “Gone Are The Days” (which simultaneously showcases both Defatte’s production prowess and Drinkard’s commendable vocal range). “Love Light” is a banger suitable for bar time, as hopeful vocals affix themselves to bleary bleeps and bloops that combine to lend an extra level of depth to the otherwise timeless collection of dance tracks.

The eternally hook-y “Carry On” brings about a return to the warmth and infectiousness of the record’s first two singles before finally arriving at the driving and emotive album closer “One More” that’s reminiscent of a modern Midwestern take on Robyn and takes this already-soaring effort out on an especially high note. Prior to Friday’s release and the duo’s upcoming show at X-Ray Arcade with Kopps, The LOL, and Hot Science on June 13, you can (and absolutely should) listen to Diamond Life’s Neon Dreams album in its entirety below.

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