We’re fast approaching two years of this living hell. There’s evidently no end in sight for this living hell. What can we do, both individually and as members of the same flawed tribe occupying this planet at this particular time, to pull ourselves out of this living hell? What can we do? What can we do?

Who knows. If you have any new and novel suggestions that won’t get dismissed out of hand by roughly half the population, fire away. In the meantime, let’s listen to the newest song from Milwaukee indie-pop outfit Daydream Retrievers, “Living Hell”

Daydream Retrievers is the project of ever-busy musician, sound engineer, and all-around swell fellow Ian Olvera. Over the past few years, Olvera has blessed the world with roughly a dozen meticulously crafted pop nuggets. A self-titled debut dropped from the heavens in 2018. Two singles, “Static On TV” and “The Ballad Of Who Could Care Less,” descended in 2020. Now comes “Living Hell”—pulling itself up from the depths of the molten underworld itself—delighting with Olvera’s cracker-jack songwriting and his charmingly hoarse vocals. He covers a lot of the instruments himself, but he’s joined by Quinn Scharber on guitar, Mark Stepro on drums, Ryan McCrary on background vocals, and Steve Sampson on percussion.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful song. “What can we do?” we asked before. We’ll take the song’s advice and keep whistling and looking for the good in the leaves.

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Turn off the noise for 3 minutes and enjoy a new Daydream Retrievers song, “Static On TV”

Hear three songs from Ian Olvera’s new project, Daydream Retrievers

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