When we last checked in with Bright Black, the hard rocking Milwaukee band was getting angst-y on its self-titled EP. “Bright Black is an unapologetic statement of purpose from a band paying tribute to its influences while still confidentially looking ahead,” we wrote. “The phrase ‘bright black’ may be an oxymoron, but the band of the same name is nothing if not clear, driven, and refreshingly direct.” Now, more than a year and a new singer (Sacred‘s Vincent Black) later, the band is back with a fresh single, “Zealots.” The angst remains, but everything else has been given an upgrade.

“I try to be so silent / But I just can’t stop myself,” sings Black in the opening verse. “I’m at the point of imploding / Watching people burn themselves / My mind is breaking.” So yeah, the lyrics are as doom-and-gloom and bitter as ever. Black’s melodic vocals, however, as well as an agreeable Queens Of The Stone Age-esque stomp/strut from drummer Steve Vorass, guitarist Josh Paynter, and bassist Matt Miller, point to an exciting new direction for Bright Black.

“Zealots” follows the similarly pissed-off “Snake Oil,” released back in September. Listen to the tracks below.

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