UPDATE (1/16/20): The auction is over. And boy oh boy, did this post take off. Looks like a lot of the playground equipment went for $350. The Rocky Rococo signs, meanwhile, went for—good grief—$230, $325, and $950. YOU’RE WELCOME, BAYSHORE.

Last November, we brought you 34 pictures from the final days of Bayshore Town Center’s enclosed mall. Last week, a visit to Bayshore confirmed that a large chunk of that enclosed mall—the chunk that housed the food court and the beat-up playground—was indeed closed. (It’s going to be demolished to make way for more mixed-use mall development.) Today, a hot tip has informed us that a ton of stuff from that section of the mall is up for auction. The good news: things like tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, security fences, banners, menu boards, and, yes, THE ROCKY ROCOCO SIGNS are available. The bad news: the auction ends tomorrow, January 16, at 10:30 a.m.

Seriously, the amount of random Bayshore junk that can be yours is almost too good to be true. Imagine owning the slides from the beat-up playground! Imagine owning the map-of-Milwaukee/Glendale carpet that covered the floor of the beat-up playground! Imagine owning the Bayshore directory! Imagine owning THE ROCKY ROCOCO SIGNS! (There’s also a ton of kitchen stuff perfect for any restaurant or business.)

Click HERE for the auction. Like we said, it ends tomorrow, and you have to pick up anything you win on Friday or Saturday. And good luck on THE ROCKY ROCOCO SIGNS, because we’re totally bidding now… [h/t Chris]

(Oh, and the Rocky Rococo moved to the outdoor portion of Bayshore, next to Mattress Firm. Thank god.)

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