Tuesday night, we took a dip in a nearby pond, discovered a watery grave, and got our heads chopped off for the third installment of Milwaukee Record LiveSCREAM Theater. Yep, we watched the 1963 Francis Ford Coppola public domain thriller Dementia 13! Was it good? It definitely held our attention!

As part of the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival (tickets are on sale NOW!), we’re spending the entire month of October bringing you a live viewing party of classic public domain horror and sci-fi films. For last night’s LiveSCREAM episode, Milwaukee Record‘s Matt Wild (that’s me) was joined by the cast and crew of MFF2019 selection The Field: writer/director Tate Bunker and stars Kara Mulrooney, Tim Higgins, and Mark Borchardt. Along the way, Bunker talked about the psychological spookiness of his latest film, Mulrooney and Higgins explained how they prepared for their roles, and Borchardt mused on the charms of small town hardware stores. Also, Borchardt’s classic film Coven will screen at MFF2019, too.

Want to join the fun next week? Just tune in to the Milwaukee Record YouTube channel, leave your comments there, or go nuts on Facebook or Twitter (#MRLST). Seen these movies 8,000 times already? Who cares! It’s all about watching brain-eating/blood-sucking monsters together.

Here’s the rest of the schedule:

Tuesday, October 22
THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE (1962) w/ Mack Bates and Shea Frevele

Monday, October 28
KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954) w/ Rick Katschke and Rob Wieland

Big thanks to Tate, Kara, Tim, and Mark for joining us for episode 2! Watch the whole thing below! (Oh, and the amazing theme song is “Empty Arrows & Exit Signs” by Farms In Trouble!)