Even though there’s still a week left, we can safely declare 2019 to be Milwaukee Record‘s biggest and best year yet. Over the course of the year, we’ve written close to 1,200 articles that have reached millions of readers all over the world. We booked more than 60 concerts, movie screenings, comedy shows, video game tournaments, and other events in a variety of venues. We entered the world of print media with our monthly Off The Record publication that’s available at all Milwaukee area Colectivo locations. We released more than 40 episodes of our new My First Band podcast and five installments of our LiveSCREAM Theater show. We put out seven Public Domain videos, released three Shot For Shot With Chefs episodes (and filmed another that’s on the way soon), and raised thousands of dollars for Milwaukee Women’s Center through events and sales of our charitable Re-Porter beer.

We only say all this because almost none of it would be possible or practical without you. If you’re reading this, thanks for your support of Milwaukee Record. Thanks for reading our articles, watching our videos, listening to our podcast, and maybe clicking on an ad from time to time. Thanks for attending the events we host, for performing at events we host, and for following us on social media. Thanks to the many businesses who trust us to bring attention their way and who (quite literally) keep our lights on. Thanks to contributors for being a crucial part of our coverage. Thanks to the artists, musicians, comedians, filmmakers, culinary talents, and folks from other walks of life who want their work and their words to have any place on Milwaukee Record. Thanks to anyone we forgot to mention. Thank you!

Though we could say much more and it still wouldn’t adequately express the gratitude we have for all those who, simply put, allow this venture to exist, we thought it’d mean more if we asked a celebrity to say thanks on our behalf. In true Milwaukee Record fashion, we decided Kato Kaelin was the person for the job. So we took to Cameo to see if the Wisconsin-born actor and former O.J. Simpson houseguest would be willing to thank you for a great 2019. Since we were paying $60 for the message, we also figured there was no harm in asking the perennial Wisconsin sports “fan” for a Packers playoff prediction. It’s safe to say he did all that and so much more. Take it away, Kato!

Happy holidays, Milwaukee. (We didn’t tell him to say we’re the best. That’s all Kato!)