When we last talked with Reuben Glaser, the Milwaukee-area funnyman was contemplating the meaning of life via his “Tiny Face Trump” meme—a creation similar to, but sadly not as successful as, his “Little Face Mitt” meme of yesteryear. “I personally don’t think it’s as funny, because Donald Trump is already an idiot as it is,” Glaser told us. “I don’t feel as emotionally proud and invested with TFT as I did with LFM. But whatever. Some people seem to like it. It helps pass the time.” The next logical step for the political-minded comedian, it seemed, was to face Trump head-on. But how?

Well, according to Glaser, it was as easy as applying for a press pass to Trump’s March 30 rally in Appleton, Wisconsin, and walking through the door. In a video for King’s Tower Productions, Glaser and cameraman Jozef K. Richards lightly troll Trump supporters waiting in line outside (“Trump pump!”), marvel at somehow getting inside (“We’re right next to CNN!”), and watch as The Donald dishes out a bunch of classic Trump-isms (“I’m doing so well!”) and reads lyrics from an old Al Wilson song for some reason (“Take me in, oh tender woman…”). The “elephant in the Port-A-Potty,” indeed.