Back in February, when we last did the whole voting thing, Wisconsin decided that Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet and Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock would go head to head in the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Current Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Gableman is vacating his seat at the end of July, and, well, that seat needs to be filled. Today, we get to decide if Dallet or Screnock will do the filling.

Once again, today’s general election is technically non-partisan, but, because nothing is truly non-partisan, it’s totally partisan. (Currently, with Gableman, our seven-person state supreme court has five “conservative” judges and two “liberal” judges.) Dallet has been described as a “liberal-leaning moderate” and has gained an endorsement from former Vice President Joe Biden. The conservative Screnock, meanwhile, has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. A recent press release explains:

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Judge Michael Screnock for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“Judge Screnock is a committed judge who will interpret the Constitution the way our Founding Fathers intended,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman, NRA-PVF.

So, if you’re down with Dallet and the approving nod of “Diamond Joe” Biden, vote Dallet. If you’re down with Screnock and guns, vote Screnock.

Anyway, there’s also a referendum to eliminate the independently elected state treasurer position in Wisconsin, which sounds like an easy NO vote. And, depending on where you live in Milwaukee, there might be some races for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Fun! Find out more about the “perplexing” race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court here. Find out more about the state treasurer referendum here. Find out what the Shepherd Express thinks here. Find out where and how to vote here. JUST VOTE.

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