The 2022 General Election is set for Tuesday, November 8. Perhaps you’ve seen some ads about it on your television, your computer, or your phone? Or maybe in your mailbox and/or waking nightmares? Soul-deadening political ads aside, you should totally vote in this thing. Please, for the love of all that is holy, VOTE.

Not registered to vote? You have one week to register to vote online or by mail. “Voters who are able to match their name, date of birth, Wisconsin Driver License or State ID number, and address with the Wisconsin DMV can register to vote online,” says the ever-handy MyVote WI site. To register by mail, “your voter registration form, along with proof of residence, must be postmarked to your municipal clerk no later than October 19.” Find more information about both options HERE.

Of course, you can always register in-person at your polling place on Election Day—it’s one of the few not-awful things about voting in this state! Consider this article, then, a polite general reminder to VOTE VOTE VOTE. Well, vote only once, but VOTE. Thanks!

(In-person absentee voting begins October 25. Also, in lieu of embedding a political ad below, here’s that Corn Kid song.)

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