Crazy times, eh? With every venue, theater, and public space closed due to COVID-19 concerns, our normally bustling events calendar is pretty barren. So here’s what we’ll be watching, playing, reading, and listening to at home instead. Stay safe, Milwaukee.


Jeopardy! on CBS
It’s a long-running and awesome trivia show that’s still airing new episodes every weekday. What is Jeopardy? Check out the 156th episode of the 36th season on Monday, and/or watch other new episodes between Tuesday and Friday.

Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast
Speaking of well-established programs with exclamation points in their name, Comedy Bang! Bang! has been doling out laughs on a weekly basis for more than 10 years. The podcast’s milestone 650th episode comes out today. Show favorites Jason “Hey Nongman” Mantzoukas and Andy Daly are guests.


Milwaukee Record’s 14-Hour Socially Distant Telethon on Facebook Live
We’ll be celebrating Milwaukee Day by hosting a “14-Hour Socially Distant Telethon” on Facebook Live this April 14 where we’ll also be seeking donations, but we invite you to donate any time before or after that as well. What can you expect from the telethon? Milwaukee Record’s Matt Wild, Tyler Maas, and Josh Hoppert will host the shindig from their office, all the while maintaining six feet between each other at all times. There’ll be multiple installments of our new Viral Video call-in show, a live recording of My First Band (with special guest…Matt!), a “Quarantine Comedy Showcase,” impromptu games of bags, random videos from the Milwaukee Record archives, brand new video content, something Matt has planned called “I Call My Ex-Girlfriend From The ’90s So She Can Poke Holes In My Story About The Time We Saw Jon Bon Jovi Take Part In An Awkward Q&A,” probably some video games, and much more. Oh, and it’ll be split into two back-to-back seven-hour chunks, with the later chunk being the “After Dark” portion. We’ll probably get drunk! See you on the 14th!

Story Time With John Gurda on Zoom
RSVP to join the Zoom reading of Gertie the Duck with Milwaukee historian John Gurda. The Spanish translation of this classic book will also be read by Historic Milwaukee intern Selena Fregoso. This vintage, out-of-print children’s book is a unique retelling of the iconic Gertie, a duck who captivated Milwaukee.

Virtual 414 Day on Swarmm Events’ social media platforms
From a Swarmm Events press release: “Presented by Swarmm Events and 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Virtual 414 Day is a digital celebration of Milwaukee. Being quarantined on 414 Day means we don’t get to go out and enjoy our neighbors’ company and support our favorite bars, restaurants, and brands on Milwaukee Day so we are doing it virtually! Join us for 8 hours of entertainment on Swarmm Event’s social media platforms with Facebook and Instagram.” Virtual 414 Day runs from noon to 8 p.m.


What We Do In The Shadows (season premiere) on FX
The FX comedy/horror series based on the 2014 film by the same name returns for its second season this week with a pair of episodes. Between the response the show received in its first season and the addition of some new cast members (including Wisconsin’s own Mark Proksch), you won’t want to miss this. Prior to Wednesday’s premiere, you can also catch up on the first season on Hulu.

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Every Wednesday (well, most Wednesdays), actor and comedian Pete Holmes gets deep and makes it weird with a guest. Do we know this week’s guest? No. Will Richard Rohr or Ram Dass come up in conversation? Probably. If you want to dip out of your own worries and get lost in a long-form and refreshingly honest conversation between two people you don’t know, give You Made It Weird a shot.


Hail Caesar! on Netflix
Liked by critics and not as well loved by audiences, Joel and Ethan Coen‘s 2016 film, Hail Caesar!, comes to Netflix this Thursday. Honestly, we haven’t seen this one, but based on the Coen Brothers’ sterling reputation and outstanding body of work, that’s bound to change soon.

The Dollop Podcast
In case you’re not one of the show’s millions of listeners: The Dollop is a popular podcast wherein comedian Dave Anthony reads a story from American history to his friend, Gareth Reynolds, who doesn’t know what the topic is about. After covering subjects like The Co-op War, George Jackson, and West Virginia Textbook War in recent episodes, the duo will tackle another topic from American history. You’re bound to learn something and have a few laughs in the process.

Wheel Of Fortune on CBS


Brett Newski “Live From The Great Indoors!” album release show on YouTube (private link with purchase)
Since Brett Newski’s real life record release show plans were dashed, the hardworking Milwaukee singer-songwriter decided to host a virtual record release show this weekend. Buy a “ticket” and get a private link to view the multi-cam concert that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Fiona Apple, Fetch The Bolt Cutters
It’s Fiona Apple’s first new album in 12 years, so…yeah. Listen to this.

#blackAF (Season 1) on Netflix
Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones start in a new Netflix original sitcom about family, race, culture, relationships, and more. Season 1 drops this Friday.


The Green Hornet on Netflix
Before superheros were completely all the rage, studios were testing the waters with lesser-known properties featuring unlikely leading men. Enter The Green Hornet, an uncharacteristically lighthearted action comedy starring Seth Rogen.

Get in touch with a loved one
They’d love to hear from you and you’ll surely get something out of it too.


Stuber on HBO
If there’s ever a time to take a risk on movies, it’s during quarantine. The 2019 bomb (which hits HBO streaming starting April 18) stars pre-jacked Kumail Nanjiani as an Uber driver named “Stu”—hence the film’s name, we’re guessing—who gets in over his head and winds up taking the ride of his life. Or something. Despite its largely unfavorable reviews, there’s a chance it’s actually entertaining. And if it’s not, what do you have to lose? Well, other than 93 minutes of your life, that is.

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