For years, Milwaukee Boat Line and its impressive fleet of vessels—the Iroquois, Voyageur, and Vista King—have played an important part in the city’s summer enjoyment. With a wide range of cruises, which vary from sightseeing cruises, cocktail cruises, happy hour cruises, yacht rock and concert cruises, field trips and chartered trips, and even a Gothic Great Lakes cruise, there’s something in its eclectic nautical arsenal that even the biggest landlubber among us can enjoy. However, as the country remains in the midst of a pandemic, there was a great deal of uncertainty as to when—or whether—Milwaukee Boat Line would hit the waves this summer and, if so, how they would operate in the ever-worsening era of COVID-19.

Yesterday, the business provided some answers to those questions. According to an update Milwaukee Boat Line posted to Facebook Sunday, they’ll begin daily cruises starting Saturday, July 4. Tickets for individual cruises are not available for purchase yet, but will surely be activated sometime this week. Milwaukee Boat Line’s popular Concert Cruise series will also return this year. Here are confirmed performers and concert dates:

July 11 — Maple Road
July 31 — The Exotics
August 7 — Boney Fingers
August 14 — Tangled Lines
August 15 — Hot & Dirty Brass Band
August 22 — Radio Radio
August 28 — Listening Party

Of course, with COVID-19 still very much in the picture, Milwaukee Boat Line’s announcement also comes with a number of new policies and safety guidelines. All guests and staff will be required to wear face coverings, both on the docks and on the vessel (even while outside). No cash will be accepted. Concessions will be limited and social distancing is strongly encouraged. You can access Milwaukee Boat Line’s guidelines here or you can read them below.


• All guests must wear a face covering while at our docks and while on board the vessel, even while outside. Guests will not be permitted on board the vessel without a face covering.

• Guests may purchase tickets online, or dockside before certain cruises. All ticket sales are credit card only. We will not be accepting cash at this time. We strongly recommend that guests purchase tickets online.

• Guests are strongly encouraged to take their temperature before leaving home. Guests with a fever, or feeling sick should stay home. If someone in a guest’s household is feeling sick, they should stay home. If you already purchased tickets, please contact us and we will gladly reschedule your cruise at no charge.

• Concessions on board will be limited. Food will be limited to prepackaged snacks.

• Please be aware of designated up and down stairs.

• Please practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart from other guests and our crew.


• Hand sanitizer will be available on board vessels.

• Restrooms are cleaned and disinfected before and after each departure.

• Railings, seating, and other and other frequently contacted surfaces on board are disinfected regularly.


• If a crew member has a fever or is feeling sick, they are to stay home.

• If someone in a crew member’s household is feeling sick, they are to stay home.

• Crew members must wear a face covering and disposable gloves where practicable.

• Crew members are trained on proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

• Crew members will practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart from guests where practicable.

All aboard?

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