It’s graduation season, which means millions of graduating high school students are preparing for the real world, and millions of graduating college students are preparing for the real possibility of 20 years of crippling debt. But never mind that! In honor of the graduating class of 2018, Milwaukee’s Marquette University did something clever, sweet, and—cough cough—unpredictable with its official Twitter account. Let’s take a look!

Here’s Marquette’s tweet from Friday, May 11:

Oh! So what’s the deal with the first words from the past 35 days? Let’s start with this one, from earlier on May 11, and work backwards from there:

Here’s the tweet before that:

And the one before that:

And then, well, you may or may not get the idea. Scroll down on Marquette’s Twitter account for the whole thing, or click here for a handy summation.

No spoilers, but a big shout-out to Marquette University’s Director of Social Media Tim Cigelske and his ridiculously planned-out #secretproject. Impressive. Most impressive. And we dig how the whole thing ends (begins?) with that Tommy Boy GIF.

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