There’s a terrific episode of the podcast Reply All that delves into the mysterious Zardulu, a New York City-based performance artist purportedly behind the “Pizza Rat” and “Selfie Rat” viral videos of a few years ago. Zardulu’s elaborately staged hoaxes, it’s argued, inject a little bit of magic and whimsy into an otherwise dreary and depressing world. After all, even in a society currently circling the drain, isn’t it great that you can still spot a trained rat dragging a whole piece of pizza up and down the subway?

Which brings us to Wisconsin, Kenosha County, the village of Somers, and a wandering kangaroo. Yes, according to a press release from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, a five-year-old kangaroo named Joey (natch) was briefly on the loose early Thursday morning, hopping along Highway L, doing whatever kangaroos do. Joey is safe now, thank god.

Here’s the press release. Though there’s no indication that a shadowy performance artist is responsible for young Joey’s adventure (a lousy gate seems to be the likely suspect), it’s comforting to know that life remains (occasionally) delightful. [h/t TMJ4]

DATE: 9/14/2017
EVENT: Loose Kangaroo in County
LOCATION: 7500 block of 18th Street (Highway L)
RELEASED BY: Sgt. Mark Malecki

On 09-14-17 at 7:14 a.m. the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 7500 block 18th Street (Highway L) in Somers, for a report of a loose animal possibly a kangaroo. Investigation revealed this to be the case.

It was determined that that [sic] the kangaroo exited it’s [sic] confine from Jerry Smith’s Farm (7150 18th Street) possibly by kicking the confine gate. The kangaroo decided to wander west on 18th Street (Highway L).

Jerry Smith’s Farm was contacted and five year old Joey the kangaroo was safely returned to the farm without any injury to anyone.

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