Potholes. Road construction. Snow removal. Potholes. Probably something about the streetcar. If you live in Milwaukee, you’ve likely seen these topics endlessly debated and ALL-CAPS YELLED ABOUT online. Facebook, especially, is overflowing with this incessant virtual bickering. (Don’t believe us? Just follow your nearest neighborhood Facebook page, and/or an alderperson’s Facebook page.) So what would happen if there was a Facebook page that appeared to be an official City of Milwaukee Facebook page, yet it was not-so-subtly fake, full of not-so-subtly fake/funny posts, and commented on by folks who didn’t get the joke? Enter The City of Milwaukee.

Yes, for the last year or so, the decidedly unofficial city page has been intermittently dishing out posts like this:

And this:

And this:

While most of the page’s 2.5k followers seem to grasp its civic dad humor, some, clearly, do not. Thus, page subscribers can enjoy responses like this:

How nice of your plows to jam my car in while it was parked on the correct side of the street, I could barely get into my car to move it and I still couldn’t move it because they haven’t cleared the other side yet.

And this:

5000 homeless kids in the City of Milwaukee and hundreds of boarded and abandoned homes in the inner city neighborhoods, but by God, we have a trolly that goes no where. Taxpayers – where are you???!!!

And, phew, this:

Dear Milwaukee Snow and Ice Control Operations Department, You have completely failed. Not only do you have the audacity to snow plow our block a day later, but your rude, lacking common sense plow truck driver literally decided to utilize our driveway/Sidewalk path as their dumping ground for snow. 3/4 of it is covered, and we cannot even get in. Took us an hour to shovel through this hard as rock snow. This is completely unacceptable. Out of the 20+ years living here NEVER has a plow driver been idiotic enough to do such a heinous thing.

We have no idea who’s behind the fake City of Milwaukee page, but we thank them for their service. Also, page reviews like this are pretty funny:

If you can stand the blistering heat, sweltering humidity, and punishingly cold winters; we do have several nice frozen custard places and our sports teams have been performing admirably as of late.

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