After an up and down season that included the firing of Jason Kidd, Giannis Antetokounmpo earning a spot in the All-Star Game’s starting lineup, and Brandon Jennings being re-signed for some reason, the Milwaukee Bucks officially clinched a playoff spot over the weekend. The team’s seed and opponent won’t be known until later this week, but one thing is certain: One fan wants to attend a Bucks postseason game dressed like a Simpsons character.

You may remember when “NBA Milhouse” first showed his bright yellow face during the Bucks’ nationally televised “Return To The Mecca” game last October. Well, if Ryan Fox—the Milwaukee filmmaker and general troublemaker underneath the paint and those red-framed glasses—has it his way, he’ll be able to revive the courtside cosplay at BMO Harris Bradley Center next week. Yesterday, Fox started a GoFundMe campaign to “get NBA Milhouse courtside!” that’s aiming to raise $500 to bring Bart Simpson’s best friend to a Bucks playoff game.

“Playoff tickets are naturally pretty pricey in Springfield,” Fox says. “Milhouse could barely afford the splurging he did for the last game, so he needs your help to get his yellow ass in a seat next to courtside big wigs like Charles Montgomery Burns and Rainier Wolfcastle.”

Yes, there are far more important things out there to support, but if you’re a Simpsons fan and/or someone who’d like to help bring a bit of front row weirdness to the Bucks postseason run, here’s your chance. Fox says any of the funds that aren’t used for the stunt will be donated to an animal welfare charity. If the effort falls short, Fox says Milhouse will “just have to sit in his mom Luann’s living room playing Bonestorm and organizing [his] ALF pogs.”

Jiminy jillickers! The Bucks are in the playoffs. Hopefully the team’s final games at the Bradley Center are memorable. Maybe Milhouse will have something to say about that.

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