If there’s one thing more protracted and arduous than the drama surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks—terrible teams, new owners, new arenas, terrible teams—it’s the endless montage scenes in Rocky IV. Chief among those scenes is the one where Rocky, having hit rock bottom following the death of Apollo “Ding Ding” Creed, drives around in his Lamborghini Jalpa reflecting on the events of the first three Rocky movies—and, incredibly, the events of the current Rocky movie—all to the sweet synthesized sounds of Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out.” It’s an amazing sequence, and one made even more amazing by swapping in footage of the ever-floundering Bucks. Goodbye, Rocky and Apollo hugging on a beach; hello, Larry Sanders’ bar fight.

Created by Twitter user @DavidDunn21, the video builds off a recent Bucks commercial featuring coach Jason Kidd driving around town, looking all angry and Jason Kidd-y. Shots of past Bucks glory, current Bucks woes, and that time Tyshawn Taylor knocked Kidd’s drink all over the court are also included. Oh, and video of Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov working out and flipping around on a jet ski, thus preserving the evil Russian enemy.

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