The Midwest’s first hybrid cocktail bar debuts in Milwaukee

Equal Parts’ inclusive menu offers each cocktail in alcoholic and non-alcoholic formats

MILWAUKEE (Dec. 20, 2023) – Discourse – a nationally-recognized destination for experiential drink making and world class hospitality that took root in Milwaukee in 2022 – formally announced today that it will open a hybrid cocktail bar -Equal Parts – at their downtown cafe at 1020 North Broadway, attached to the Direct Supply Information and Technology Center. As one of the first hybrid cocktail bars in the United States, Equal Parts will offer a single menu with every cocktail available both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

“Our mission at Equal Parts is to create a social movement of conscious drinking empowered by choice: with all of the sophistication, comfort and charm of a world-class cocktail bar,” said Robert Colletta, partner and director of photography for Equal Parts.

Beginning on Friday, Jan. 5, 2024, and continuing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday thereafter, the Equal Parts team will transform the space at 1020 North Broadway from a cozy cafe to the dimly lit workshop of a rogue alchemist who has discovered the secret to time travel. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with service continuing until late. To preserve the quality of the experience for all guests, Equal Parts will not offer standing service or take reservations. Arriving prior to 6:00 p.m. is advised.

While the Equal Parts team is excited about their vision for a more inclusive night out for many reasons, perhaps most of all is the opportunity to foster a space that enables those who have chosen to refrain from the consumption of alcohol to rejoin their friends and family at the bar, knowing they have the choice to mirror the experiences of everyone else at the table, sans the ethanol. An evolving partnership with The Free Spirits Company, a best in class non-alcoholic spirits producer founded by Milan Martin, has helped to pave the way for Equal Parts non-alcoholic drinking experience.

“As the marketplace demands more immersive retail experiences, Equal Parts understands the need to exceed those expectations,” said Ed Treis, capital partner. “Patrons to Equal Parts will be greeted with an uncanny attention to detail, unlocking a unique sensory experience. dynamic partnership between the growing, alcohol-free consumer and the discerning cocktail aficionado, has been achieved by the creative alchemists of Equal Parts. An unmatched, tasting experience will soon be discovered here in Milwaukee, regardless of the desire to include alcohol.”

The opening cocktail menu will feature over a dozen thoughtfully crafted cocktails, ranging from seminal classics like the Aviation, Margarita, Negroni and Espresso Martini, to experimental serves like the Interstellar, a crystalline milk punch of rum, sauternes, pandan-infused red tea, raspberry and acidified pineapple, inspired by a 2009 study that states a large concentration of ethyl formate at the center of the Milky Way makes space smell of rum and taste like raspberries.

Other cocktails on Equal Parts first experimental menu, “A Journey Through Time,” include Jurassic, a mezcal old fashioned scented with geosmin (the chemical responsible for the smell of sweet earth after it rains), and The New Frontier, a comforting combination of brown butter washed whiskey and house spiced apple cider served hot with a flaming cinnamon stick.

“Every component has been meticulously considered. We’re simply a group of drink makers obsessed with what liquid has been and what it can be,” said Operating Partner Kat Doughty.

The same glassware and garnish will be used for both traditional and non-alcoholic cocktails, while dedicated table service will ensure that every drinker has a safe and memorable drinking experience. Aside from cocktails, Equal Parts will feature a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and wines, as well as a selection of house made sodas, with an affordable selection for every palate.

“I’m a huge believer in accessible luxury” said Ryan Castelaz, service director for Equal Parts. ”There’s no room for pretension in our space, but we’re always going to ask you if you’re done enjoying before we swipe your glass and your water will never be empty. Our entire focus is on the creation of truly magical moments, equal parts whimsy and wonder. Come as you are, and we’ll do the rest.”

The Equal Parts’ team brings more than 20 years of collective hospitality experience to the table, coupled with an unbridled passion for experimental drink making and unreasonable hospitality:

• Kat Doughty, operating partner: Over a decade of experience in culinary and cocktail program development, including roles at Morel and Shanghai.

• Ryan Castelaz, service director: Best selling author with an extensive service background encompassing Michelin-starred restaurants, casual beer, wine, and cocktail bars, and modernist cafes, specializing in guest experience.

• Alanna Szezech, bartender/forager: Talented bartender and forager, previously at The Chef’s Table, known for crafting unique cocktails using wild ingredients.

For more information about Equal Parts, follow @equal.parts_ on Instagram or to Ryan Castelaz at [email protected].


About Equal Parts
Equal Parts is one of the nation’s first hybrid cocktail bars, offering a single menu of classic and contemporary cocktails, available both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A pioneer of the movement towards more conscious drinking, Equal Parts creates space for all guests to feel seen, heard, and understood, regardless of their decision to consume alcohol. Join us in Downtown Milwaukee at 1020 N Broadway, Friday – Sunday evenings, to experience the future of drinking dens.

About Discourse
Discourse is an avant-garde reimagining of the American coffee tradition, dedicated to reinventing the ways we interact with coffee and tea through an exploration of taste, texture, presentation, and purpose. Our drinks are liquid stories: penned to evoke emotions, celebrate our surroundings, and ripen the community we share. Join us Downtown, at the Milwaukee Art Museum, or at our forthcoming Radio Milwaukee cafe to experience our vision for the future of coffee.

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