Eagle Park Brewing acquires Milwaukee Brewing Company
Bright future on tap for storied Milwaukee brewery

MUSKEGO, Wis. (September 26, 2022) — Eagle Park Brewing & Distilling Company has announced the acquisition of Milwaukee Brewing Company. Founded in 2017 and quickly rising to national acclaim, Eagle Park has created a reputation for creativity and innovation, and will now ensure the future of Milwaukee’s third-oldest craft brewery and marks an exciting new chapter for craft brewing in the city.

Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Eagle Park will acquire Milwaukee Brewing Company’s intellectual property, recipes and branding. The company will produce Milwaukee Brewing’s flagship beers under the brand’s original name, albeit with a modern design refresh. New seasonal and year-round recipes will continue to be developed under the Milwaukee Brewing name with the local flavor the city’s beer drinkers know and love.

“When a brand carries the name of its home city, it carries a certain responsibility to the city and its fans, and that’s even more true in a storied beer city like Milwaukee, “ said Jake Schinker, Co-Owner of Eagle Park Brewing. “We’re proud to take the Milwaukee Brewing legacy forward and ensure the future of the brewery as a point of pride for our city.”

Production will temporarily be moved to Eagle Park’s Muskego facility, and its Hamilton facility will serve as a temporary taproom for Milwaukee Brewing while the search begins for the brewery’s new home in the city of Milwaukee. Many favorite taproom traditions will return when a new facility is identified for Milwaukee Brewing. An estimated 6,500 barrels of Milwaukee Brewing beers will be produced in 2023, bringing Eagle Park’s total annual production to more than 14,000 barrels.

“The cans will look a little different, but Milwaukee Brewing will continue to produce the quality beers that the city has come to expect over the years,” said Max Borgardt, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Eagle Park Brewing. “At the same time, this gives the Eagle Park brand the opportunity to focus on what it’s best at – making cool and innovative beers and spirits.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. To learn more about Eagle Park Brewing and Milwaukee Brewing Company, visit eagleparkbrewing.com.

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