After a breakout 2015 in which the band released its critically-heralded Predatory Headlights, toured extensively, and garnered Rolling Stone consideration as one of “10 Great Modern Punk Bands,” Tenement earned a breather. Apparently, no one told them that. Through the first 11 months of 2016, the Appleton-Milwaukee pop punk stalwarts released the second volume in its Bruised Music series, put out a physical version of its self-titled 2015 tour tape, logged thousands of miles between shows, and even covered a Squeeze song. Yesterday, Tenement welcomed the final month of yet another productive year with the release of a new music video.

Appearing to be shot on and around the Lawrence University campus in downtown Appleton, the video for Predatory single “Hive Of Hives” finds a group of women chasing down, teasing, and bullying men in order to collect the necessary funds and ounces of “boy tears” to fuel their one way spaceship trip to planet Yonica. At least that seems to be the synopsis. Check it out and try to make sense of it yourself as you wait to see what great things Tenement has in store for Earth (and Yonica?) in 2017.

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