Hi-Fi Cafe holds a special place in Abby Jeanne‘s heart. The Milwaukee singer and all-around musical force has been hanging out at the Bay View “time warp” since she was in middle school. She used to work there and now considers it to be her “office.” And as her notoriety has grown, she’s also taken it upon herself to incorporate Hi-Fi into everything she does. So when it came time to shoot the music video for the title track from her Music Box Dancer (which she self-released last month on her “Hi-Fi Records” label), only one location came to mind.

The “Music Box Dancer” video features Abby Jeanne spinning and twirling around her favorite Milwaukee haunt. Shot by Cheston Van Huss—who also built the platform the singer rotates on—the video shows the longstanding cafe like it’s never been seen before and also features a handful of Hi-Fi regulars. Before Abby Jeanne and her band make their way to Los Angeles for a spell, watch her do her thing in her favorite place in the world.