Like the old saying goes: some falafel-based restaurants are just too good for this world. Such was the case of Bay View’s Hello Falafel, a vegetarian lunch spot opened by the owners of Odd Duck in 2016, and closed by the owners of Odd Duck in 2018. Since the premature closing, the former Hello Falafel space, 2301 S. Howell Ave., has been transformed into a highly successful private event and catering space called Little Duck. But on Saturday, July 13, the space will once again be home to Hello Falafel and its much-missed menu. For one day only!

Yep, the special pop-up event, “featuring all your old favorite menu items,” will begin at noon and run “’til it’s gone!” Like anything related to Odd Duck, it’s sure to sell out fast. Fingers crossed for that red pepper sandwich and/or the red pepper hummus dip! (Also: We can’t stop thinking about Odd Duck’s “Quack Snacks.”)