Back in June, Milwaukee folk quintet Twin Brother played an extra special show at Club Garibaldi. Not only was it one of the band’s first outings as a five piece and a homecoming for frequent show partner Old Earth, the performance also yielded the aptly-named Live At Club Garibaldi record and, now, two music videos.

A couple months after Twin Brother released its black and white love letter to the Bay View bar that took the form of the “Fire Fire Fire” music video, the band is back with a strikingly similar visual representation for a previously unreleased piece called “Bury Me Dear.” The sullen song—also captured in black and white during the aforementioned show—was shot by Kelly Anderson and Joel Van Haren, who also combined on the “Fire Fire Fire” video. Anderson edited it.

The new video and song’s release was timed in accordance with Twin Brother’s show at Club Garibaldi on Thursday with Santah and Devil Met Contention. It will be the band’s last performance of 2015, as they plan to spend most of the fall and winter writing and recording material for a new album. Singer Sean Raasch says “Bury Me Dear” will be part of the new record.

Bury Me Dear – Twin Brother @ Club Garibaldi from Kelly Michael Anderson on Vimeo.

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