Soup Moat describes its sound as “heavy, silly sludge.” Over the course of seven years, a pair of full-length albums, and a handful of EPs and demos (not to mention a host of lineup changes), the band has lived up to that description, dishing out big riffs and throat-rending screams with a side of levity. Look no further than the shout-along “Uptowner Girl” and “Band Practice” from 2015’s Enjoy Your Hobbies (and their respective videos) for a look inside the twisted, Milwaukee-addled brains of Soup Moat.

But wait, there’s more! On July 10, the seminal sludge band will release its third full-length, Harvester Of Likes, on Milwaukee’s Gloss Records. Recorded in Meat Locker Studios over a two-year period with label owner Harrison Colby (NO/NO, Sex Scenes), the record promises to be Soup Moat’s “most brutal, cohesive, and melodically sound effort to date.” Need proof? Take a listen to the alternately foot-stomping, anthemic, and careening “Navel Gaze.” Joining the previously leaked “Pocket Full Of Ginger,” it’s the kind of song that has us suddenly anxious for July 10 to arrive.

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