The recent run of mild weather hasn’t exactly put us in a winter mood, but rest assured winter is coming. A long, endless, Wisconsin winter. So why not prep for that inevitability with a song called “Endless Winter”? It’s the latest release—along with another single, “God’s Dice”—from Milwaukee electronic artist Liquid City Motors, a.k.a. Will Mitchell.

“Endless Winter” certainly has a chilly vibe (“I’m alone in the city / The mornings are empty”), but “God’s Dice,” for our money, is even more wintry. An unexpected acoustic ballad filled with images of morning light, flocks of birds, and a “yawning mountain pass,” it’s lovely enough to make the next 8,000 months bearable.

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Prep for Synth Fest MKE with Liquid City Motor’s mood-enhancing ‘Untitled 2’ EP

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